Our Story

My name is Mike Keysor and closing the Northwest Cannabis Club during the Covid-19 crisis was one of the toughest things I have ever done. Leaving the service of more than 24,000 Club members has been a great loss to me. I started defending patients access rights over 10 years ago with the  Northwest Cannabis Market and in 2015 started the Northwest Cannabis Club. In that time thousands of patients and Club members have passed through my doors. 

I propose to continue to defend Cannabis Culture and make my experience and skills available to others in preserving our culture. Club legislation is not a priority for State Bureaucrats. Cannabis Culture and the future of Cannabis Consumption is still not determined. Censorship and Prohibition is still prevalent in the country. 

The Cannabis Culture Society is my next step. The Preservation and Defense of Cannabis Culture is it's mission. Helping others start Cannabis Clubs and Culture Centers. We'll support Cannabis Cultural Events and give our Warriors a place to define and create what is becoming a unique and important part of American society. Our Mission is to preserve and defend our Cannabis Culture. Moving our culture ahead and defining what we stand for and how we conduct ourselves is extremely important. Cannabis is entering a time where the Federal Government is becoming involved in shaping its future. So far most Bureaucrats are just interested in the tax revenue generated by Cannabis. I believe if we do not define our Culture the Bureaucrats will attempt to dictate what we do and where, when and how we do it. I'm determined to ensure that our Clubs, Cultural Centers and Social venues remain OUR choice not the preconceived idea of how we should behave. 

The Cannabis Culture Society will allow me to continue what I started. This journey is not over. It's just beginning! I have lots to accomplish and with your help and support we'll make sure Cannabis Culture and all its uniqueness will exist for all time.

Join me on this great adventure!

You'll not be disappointed!